Overprotective Parenting

A discussion of the outcomes of overprotective parenting.

This paper discusses overprotective parenting and how parents who take their responsibilities too far and are overconcerned for their child’s welfare can actually stifle the child’s growth. This author takes an in-depth look at the causes and consequences of overprotective parenting, and examines a possible solution for the problem of overprotective parents.
“Children are so small and delicate when they are born that parents cannot help but feel protective of their little bundles of joy. Because they brought the child into the world, they feel that they must look out for him or her. This is a natural and healthy response to a new baby.
However, as the child grows, so does their need for independence. This is where the role of a parent gets tricky. Many parents take their guardian roles too far. They have the best intentions, in most cases, as they aim to shield their children from harm. However, they smother their child, preventing them from fulfilling their needs for freedom and growing up.”