Othello’s Characters

A study of the characters in William Shakespeare’s `Othello.`

This paper discusses how the characters in William Shakespeare’s Othello are what really make the play come to life. It provides a brief summary of each of the main characters with a character analysis and a description of their contribution to the plot of the play. It shows how Othello is bold warrior and a good person, how Iago brings all of the evil and fallacy into the play, how Desdemona is young and innocent and how Cassio’s character is vulnerable and easily manipulated.
`The character of Desdemona is young and innocent. When she is wrongly accused of infidelity, her innocent response to his rage is `I never gave him cause!` (III.iv.155). Desdemona’s innocent nature is highlighted in the play, through the contrast with the two other female characters, the cynical Emilia and Cassio’s mistress, Bianca. These women are harsh and ugly, and make Desdemona seem all the more pure. Her love for Othello is a major part of her character. She permits his abuse of her, although it shakes her self-confidence. She is an obedient and devoted wife. She carries her love for Othello with her even as he strangles her to death.`