Origin of World War One

A discussion of the events and politics that led to the start of World War One.

This paper delves into the origin of WWI, focusing on the crisis in the Balkans. The paper explains that within Great Britain there had been growing sentiment for some time that there would have to be a “show down” the colonies in Africa, Britain’s declining trade monopoly and to stop what the English put as the German desire to rule continental Europe. The writer explores the causes for the start of the war and the extent to which the entire world was brought into the fight.
World War One, the Great War, was the culmination of decades of rivalry, militarism and nationalism, all of which helped to make Europe as unstable as it was in 1914, before the outbreak of war. In this essay it will be argued that no country was to blame for the First World War; France, Russia, Germany, Austria Hungary and Great Britain all played a role in escalating the conflict.