On-Line Shopping

An analysis of the use of the Internet for on-line shopping.

This paper examines how on-line shopping was one of the new activities that was created through the use of the Internet and how its emergence cannot be considered a linear process. It looks at how, based on social constructivism, its development is attributed to different social interests from many social groups and how these social interests result in the pros and cons of the use of Internet for on-line shopping. It attempts to utilize different theories to analyze the use of Internet for online shopping.
“The use of Internet for online shopping also impacts human society in other ways. It constructs a new social relation. Conventional shopping way requires the meet up between consumers and retailers, but the Internet closes the gap between consumers and producers. Consumers can more directly reflect their need to producers through the virtual world, but interestingly, they do not have to meet up. The position of retailer seems disappearing. Some people consider it as alienation between people due to the adoption of this technology , but some think it as more frequent interactions between consumers and producers.”