On-line Collaboration: How and Why?

A study of on-line collaboration between users in a company using networking.

This paper explains how on-line collaboration makes it possible for people to transfer information anywhere in seconds. It describes how users in certain local area networks and other networks are capable of communicating with each other through their PC by swapping files and e-mails in text files and other files. It also includes a list of software for use in online collaboration. It discusses how the company can ensure “integration” and “appropriate use” factors of this tool, online collaboration.
“Online Collaboration bases the system on what have been started by the earlier PC networking system. Users in certain local area and other network are capable to communicate each other on their PC by swapping files and mails in text file, although during the early time it was limited to text data in small size. As technology has developed more sophisticated facilities, it is possible for people to use the complete system to transfer information anywhere in seconds, enabling people to cut time and travel and having the whole work, outline, discussions and commands transferred through the wire. People are dependant on computers to connect to each other nowadays. With the emergence of the internet, many industries will find an open door to spread the news and support the growth to anywhere in the world. Controlling the whole world’s business will need the most effective way to unite people in the entire organization. The technology has offered its capability to contact a group of people and bring them in a forum where they can chat, send messages, transfer file, and perform exactly like what they do on a traditional meeting, only this one is done through the net.”