Offshore Outsourcing

An overview of the advantages and disadvantages of offshore outsourcing, with a focus on India.

This paper examines how outsourcing to India can be very lucrative due to significant cost savings and many other beneficial factors surrounding the Indian software market. It discusses offshore outsourcing through a review of the article, “Inside Outsourcing in India”, by Stephanie Overby. It examines how, in the article, two experienced entrepreneurs share their lessons and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Indian outsourcing. This paper also explores the history and future of offshore outsourcing, as well as how to successfully plan, implement, and manage such a relationship.

Executive Summary
Advantages of Offshore Outsourcing
Disadvantages of Offshore Outsourcing
Planning the Outsourcing Relationship
Implementing the Outsourcing Relationship
Managing in an Outsourcing Relationship
Current Affairs
Conclusion and Recommendations
“It is important to remember that outsourcing does not shift all responsibilities to service organizations. When stockholders, government agencies, customers and vendors demand answers to key questions, you can bet that they will not stop with the outsource service organization. In fact, most legal and fiduciary responsibilities cannot be shifted at all. The bottom line is this, when there is a serious problem, key questions to be answered, or operational shortfalls, the responsibility resides with management and not the service organization.”