Of Loneliness and Lost Dreams

This paper compares two poets: Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams.

A comparison between two poets: Robert Frost and Carlos Williams. The author compares and contrasts their writing styles, poetic philosophies and unique ways of expressing their ideas through poetry.
“Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams are two poets who, at least on the surface, appear to invite little comparison, having not much in common except that they both died in 1963. However, while their writing styles and general poetic philosophies are considerably divergent, they are not mutually exclusive. There are arguably also some fascinating connections to be made between Frost and Williams. Both men were seeking new and unique ways to write poetry and wanted to free the genre from its fairly exclusive traditional use of iambic pentameter. Both adopted an inimitably American tone, making frequent use of rural scenery and devices. Both share a thematic thread dealing with loneliness and lost dreams which runs throughout their poetry. Both were not only acquainted with the dark, but were ultimately on intimate terms with it.”