Ocean Pollution and Sea Life

A look at the phenomenon of ocean pollution and its affect on sea life.

This paper introduces, discusses and analyzes the problem of ocean pollution, and how it is affecting marine life. It also looks at what is being done to control pollution in the United States and around the world. The paper shows that, as the world become more industrialized, the pollution in the ocean is becoming more of a problem.
“There are numerous pollutants contaminating the world’s oceans they have been building up for hundreds of years, and they are both man-made and natural, although man-made pollutants are much more common than natural pollutants. Over 900,000 gallons of oil spills into the oceans every year, either from leaking tankers, oil spills, or leaks from oil dredging machinery. In 1997, the 22 oil spills reported worldwide involved a total of 15 million gallons (57 million liters) of oil (Water Pollution).”