Ocean of Blackness – Malcolm X

This paper discusses the emergence of Malcolm X.

This paper discusses the emergence of Malcolm X. The author delves into Malcolm Little’s roots to the life-changing events in his life. Islam’s importance in the shaping of this American icon is highlighted by the author.
“The man who started out as Malcolm Little enlarged himself into the greatness of Malcolm X. A remarkable man who experienced the power of redemption, he was saved from drowning in the ocean of blackness, grew beyond his hatred of the white “devil” into the self he was meant to be, into the black leader and hero who could plead to a multi-racial audience: “Let us learn to live together in justice and love.” (X and Haley xviii intro) To the extent that his words were heard and heeded and his martyrdom honored Malcolm X was the lifeline that helped to rescue many from the depths of that ocean of blackness.”