Northwest Airlines

This paper discusses the business of Northwest Airlines and its plans for future development.

This paper explains that Northwest’s mission and vision statements call for a very high standard of service that the company does not always deliver. The author points out that Northwest partially owns the travel site,, and should consider making agreements with other online ticket agents. The paper states that Northwest still has a long way to go to compete with low-cost airlines, but, with effective management, it could become the world’s largest low-cost carrier essay writer dubai.

Table of Contents
Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Run a Great Airline
Put Customers First
Focus on People
Build our Network
Secure our Future
Labor Costs
Changes at Northwest
Managerial Indecision
Northwest on the Internet
Competing with Low-Cost Carriers
“One factor contributing towards Northwest’s success compared to other major air carriers is that they started planning to reduce costs and increase revenue over six months prior to the attacks of September 11, 2001. The plan prior to the September 11th focused on changing the flying schedule and fleet composition, a 5 percent decrease in overall management payroll, cutting advertising, and also management training (Northwest Airlines outlines). These cuts did make it easier for Northwest to endure the economic aftermath of September 11th, but some of them seem to be counter productive. Cutting advertising costs is a short term solution designed to produce immediate results. Increasing advertising spending could increase revenue by millions.”