Norplant Contraception

A research proposal to develop data relevant to women’s decisions abou the NORPLANT method of birth control.

Acceptance and Perceptions of Norplant: A Proposal For a Replicative Study
The Problem
Although research has established the NORPLANT method as one of the most effective approaches to contraception, the method has not been widely adopted by women (Cullins & Garcia, 1997). The need for a safe and effective approach, however, to contraception continues to be great (Wildemeersch, Van Kets, Vrijens, Delbarge, Van Trappen, Temmerman, Depypere, & Thiery, (1997). Better information is required in relation to why women select the NORPLANT method and why the method is rejected, if the use of this effective approach to contraception is to be increased.

Darney, Atkinson, Tanner, MacPherson, Hellerstein, and Alvar…