Nietzsche and Nihilism

An overview of Frederich Nietzsche’s philosophical theory of Nihilsm.

Nietzsche?s theory, Nihilism, is based on extreme pessimism and skepticism, where there are no values, no beliefs. A nihilist would believe in nothing and would have no purpose in life except an impulse to destroy and cause crisis. This paper discusses the main concepts of this theory and relates Nietzsche?s approach to religion on the basis of this theory and his quotation ?God Is Dead?.
Atheists at least believe that there is no God and that there is a theory of evolution which resulted in the existence of mankind without a creator. However, Nihilism doesn’t believe in anything – not even the fact that there must be some explanation for the world going around if there is no God. Nihilism is the extreme form of everything – be it pessimism, disbelief or destructive attitude. It is the sadistic theory followed by Nazis and fascists who deem the world as a tool of destruction with no values, no morals and no accountability for their actions as long as they can justify it to themselves.