Natural End

An analysis of Bill McKibben’s An End of Nature.

The author of the paper shows that The End of Nature by Bill McKibben is not a science fiction book, although many people would like it to be. He shows instead that It is a serious examination of the very serious issues confronting humanity today and what those issues promise for our future. In short, the paper shows that this is a book that deals honestly and in a straightforward manner with the survival of humanity on this planet and how we arrived at this point.
In taking responsibility for what we have done to Nature, we are admitting that Nature is something we have control over. It is no longer some separate wild thing. It is not a world apart that we must adapt to. So when Mr. McKibben says we have ended Nature what he is really talking about it that we have deconstructed the idea of Nature as a separate thing, distinct for humanity, over which we have only limited control. The nature we have ended was just an idea (pp. 48-9)