Narrative Therapy

This paper explores one method of family (home) nursing, Narrative Therapy. It looks at the advantages of this positive non-medical approach

This paper discusses the importance of narrative therapy with reference to Moules and Streitberger’s article, Narrative Influences in Family Nursing. The paper carefully analyzes the arguments presented in favor of this non-medical approach to judge their validity.
Family nursing refers to those methods or practices in nursing, which involves family-centered care and thus includes families in the entire illness and healing experience. There are various ways in which this can be achieved and one such practice is known as narrative therapy, which is gradually gaining acceptance as a positive non-medical approach towards healing. Nancy Moules and Sylvia Streitberger have focused on the significance of this emerging practice in nursing field. They are of the view that story telling or storying as they call it can help families gain approval and validation for their feelings and emotions. These emotions may not always be directly connected with a particular illness, but they need someone to validate those feelings by only providing a listening ear.