Mozart and his Requiem Mass

A biography of Mozart and his ‘Requiem Mass’.

This paper details the origins and career of Mozart. The paper discusses his early years, his travels with his father, Leopold, his father’s death, his marriage and how Mozart himself died. The paper focuses on his composition of ‘Requiem Mass’ and how it was on his mind even on his deathbed.
Perhaps one of the many striking things about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is how often people invoke religious imagery to describe or explain his unique genius. At times people think they could hear angels sing praise of his music when they hear of his Requiem Mass. When he had explored the extent of composing he created this masterpiece. People claim they feel nearer to god when they hear of Requiem Mass. This indeed is a complement for composer who had dedicated his life in creating music for religion even if it means for a different nation in a different century [Classics World Biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart].
There does indeed seem to have been something almost supernatural about that inexplicable gift. Other prodigies have performed miraculous feats of art or learning in their cribs, but who else ever composed music in his head while attending parties? And music of such perfection that the composer often did not need to change a note from beginning to end? That was how Mozart was able to write the overture to Don Giovanni on the eve of its premiere in Prague, obliging the orchestra to perform it at sight, unrehearsed [Classics World Biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart].”