MOVING A POSITION Range of movements in the joints I approached Mr X to move him from bed to chair

Range of movements in the joints
I approached Mr X to move him from bed to chair. I checked moving and handling assessment which kept inside the service users wardrobe to move that individual as per care plan (CHS6 P8) and I read care plan also (CHS6.P2). I understood from assessment two people (CHS6.P7) and full body sling and hoist needed to transfer Mr X at all time as Mr X unable to weightbear. When checked photocopy of moving handling form, I have to make sure it is updated or not and always double check with care plan also. If moving and handling is not updated , inform to nurse in charge to do the moving and handling as per policy of care home. Me and my colleague entered the room and I closed the door to maintain privacy and dignity. Soon we entered into the room ,I noticed bed rail which we could not put it down and somehow it was broken and soon I informed to handyman and he fixed it so that we could pop the bed rail down so that my other colleague on that side can stay properly (CHS6.P3). Having done that we obtained his consent (CHS6.P5) and explained to Mr X what was going to do. Before we start I read moving and handling assessment to ensure appropriate equipment needed to transfer Mr X from bed to chair. I washed my hands prior to start moving and handling to prevent transmission of bacteria from linen to individuals (CHS6.P1). I Explained to Mr X that we r going to put full body sling under the body to get consent from Mr.X. Mr.X said I am ok and I told my colleague to hold him on the side to put the sling on one side, after I put the sling I hold Mr X while my colleague fully fixing the sling under the body. I Used the sling , hoist, number of people require to handle Mr x all had done as per the care plan to avoid pain or discomfort (CHS6.P8 and CHS6. P9).
Afterwards, I told the resident that we will attach the loops of the sling to the hoist that will keep you in the chair safely. I gave instruction to my colleague to bring the hoist in side the room and attached lowest loops (upper area) on both sides fixed on both hooks of machine and longest loop of the sling on lower part of the sling fixed on the hooks of hoist properly. After me and my colleague checked all loops fitted on hooks of hoist properly prior to move service user to avoid fall from hoist. Meantime we fixed sling and loops of sling, I encouraged Mr X to speak by asking Mr x about his job, family etc. (CHS6.P4) . I decided to handle hoist and my colleague support his legs and all explained to resident also. Checked room to free from clutter or any other equipment (CHS6.P6) and checked when will be next due date for service (CHS6.P13) for hoist prior used hoist. If hoist is not serviced on time need to inform to manager rapidly and need to put a label do not use keep on the hoist also. After checked hoist, explained to service user that I am going to press the button so this machine will lift you up to the chair. During I transfer Mr x to chair, hoist was not working as due to battery low but checked by handyman to make sure hoist battery is working properly (CHS6.P11). After I started to use the button on hoist remote, my colleague supported his legs, kept chair on the place properly and assisted him to chair also. I also observed Mr X during controlling hoist to confirm no pain or discomfort or no problems while handling machine (CHS6.P10). I asked to service user that did u had any pain while we transferred you to chair but he said no pain and it was perfectly executed. We used appropriate equipment such as hoist and proper full body sling to transfer Mr X from bed to chair (CHS6.P12).
The importance of applying standard precautions to moving and positioning individuals and the potential consequences of poor practice
Prior moving service user, all need to carry out a TILE (task, individual, load,environment assessment to provide safety for service user and the worker. I have to check the environment carefully around me (CHS6.K5). First of all I checked floor is safe and is it is wet surface. Secondly, I need to make sure me and my colleague wearing appropriate clothing and shoes. Next, Immediate area clear of item that may cause trip or fall, or item that could cause injury following fall to be check in the room prior moving and handling. Privacy and dignity of service user to be maintained. These are the precautions to moving and handling individual. Potential consequences of poor practice bring a lot of health issues to the workers and it will be detrimental to the service user also. Short term or superficial injuries can be occur due to poor moving and handling for example muscle strain,sprains, bruises. Another one is long term injuries such as damage to the musculoskeltal of the body includes muscles, endon, joints, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels (CHS6.K5). Any bad moving and handling procedures which is harmful to individual or service user or not followed moving and handling as per care plan should report to the manager or senior nurse in charge (CHS6.K3). Moving and handling policy which keep in unit in care home to get update (CHS6.K6).