Motorcycle Diaries

Examining Ernesto Che Guevara’s book The Motorcycle Diaries and how these tales represented the life he lived.

The paper shows how the author of the book, The Motorcycle Diaries was a famous revolutionary leader of the left wing in Cuba and one of the supporters of Castro during his revolutionary struggle for government. The writer examines how the book reflex his early life and how this influence the type of leader he became.
During the 1950s, he traveled throughout North America on a motorcycle along with one of his friends. This book gives a detailed account of his journey. They explored almost all of the North America on an old fashioned Norton motorcycle. During the journey they faced a lots of hurdles, experienced some memorable moments and went through lots of hassles. As they traveled through different parts of South America, they met a wide range of people belonging to considerably different cultures and having significantly different attitudes. A couple of years after this wonderful journey, Ernesto Che Guevara became actively involved in the Cuban revolution and soon emerged as a left wing militant. He was always in a habit of writing down the major events of everyday in a diary. The Motorcycle Diaries is in fact a collection from his diaries that he wrote during his journey on the motorcycle. This book is a good source of information about the South American environment.