Motivating Forces

This paper examines motivating forces especially fear and self-interest.

This paper discusses the basic motivators of self-interest and fear that can be modified by other motivators including love, joy and pure charity. The author states that fear appears to be the motivator used historically to govern and rule. The paper discusses the life of Mother Teresa as an example of human kindness that humanity can be motivated by higher principles.
“The fear of hell can also be shown as an example of how an unproven and quite possibly non-existent concept can be created in the collective minds of humanity, reinforced through manmade rituals, doctrines and tenets, and then used as a tool of terror in order to extract compliance from the masses. In this way, fear can be seen as a co-motivator along with self-interest. In order to avoid the sulphurous, eternal and terrifying tortures of hell, one does as one is told.”