Minors and the Death Penalty

This paper outlines court cases, as well as Biblical scripture, on the death penalty for minors.

This paper shows the ongoing battle about using the death penalty on minors. The paper examines specific court cases that dealt with the issue of minors getting the death penalty. The writer also brings in Biblical references and focuses on the rise of school shootings in America.
“In a world where capital crimes make the 5 o’clock news every day, the question arises; who should receive the death penalty? Someone that has taken someone else’s life is usually the first answer that people think of. But what if that person is a minor that has killed his/her mother and father? Today in America many people disagree with the fact that minors can be give the death penalty. The United States is in the minority, and one of three countries in the world, that executes minors. It seems that one would need to consider not only the circumstances of the crime, but also the mental capacity of the minor who is involved. A minor who knowingly and willingly commits a violent crime, should be held accountable to the same extent as an adult.”