Milk Got, Hmmm?

A review of the “Milk Got, Hmmm?” advertisement for milk.

This paper examines how the “Milk Got, Hmmm?” dairy ads featuring Yoda from Star Wars have been widely publicized in magazines, on billboards, and widely spread around the Internet. It looks at how the purpose of this ad is to encourage people to drink milk, based on the health claims made within the text and also based on the appeal of the character of Yoda. It also discusses how the health claims that it makes have been largely debated and how there may, in fact, be false statements ,since there is a great deal of scientific evidence actually pointing to milk as a cause of bone density loss.
“This advertisement attempts to appeal to the logical consumer by stating claims that milk will be beneficial to the drinker’s health. It is only reasonable to assume that people will be attracted to a product that will give them better health and a longer life, and this is exactly the claim that the text of this ad makes. As opposed to explaining that it is a mastery of use of The Force and his dedication to Jedi studies that has prolonged his life, the Yoda in this ad states that it was in fact milk that allowed him to live for nearly a millennium and remain strong. When younger are you, strong bones milk builds, yes. But when adults, slow rate of bone density loss, it does seems like a very logical reason to drink milk. Unfortunately, this claim may not be backed by actual fact.”