Microsoft Corporation’s Mission Statement

This paper analyzes the mission statement of Microsoft Corporation, a leading company in the software technology industry.

This paper relates that, in the mission statement, Microsoft is committed to enabling consumers and businesses to realize their full potential. The author points out that, in order to achieve its mission, the company networks with consumers, innovates cutting edge technology, and targets a global audience. The paper concludes that the new mission statement of the company has been derived to rectify the damaged image of Microsoft in the industry.

Table of Contents
About the Company
Microsoft’s Mission Statement
Products or Services
Concern for Public Image
Concern for Employees
`Microsoft believes in recruiting individuals who are bright, creative and energetic. Another requirement for employees at the company is to realize, respect and follow the great values of the company. The values require the employees to be honest towards provision of services to consumers. The employees must show respect for consumers, technology and business partners. Employees must be ready to take on big challenges. Another significant value expect from the employees, which also compliments the mission of the company is an employee’s commitment to self-improvement.`