Michael Jordan: Overcoming Racial Boundaries

A look at Michael Jordan and his impact on the world of racial inequality.

A look at how Michael Jordan was able to transgress racial boundaries and still succeed. The author looks at Michael Jordan’s career, his struggle against accusations and his contributions to the world of basketball and racial separation. The author makes use of Bob Green’s Rebound: “The Odyssey of Michael Jordan” and Charles Barkley’s Michael.
For 13 brilliant seasons Michael Jordan danced the dance of greatness across hardwood floors of basketball arenas from New York to Los Angeles to Barcelona and Paris. With a warrior’s heart and an artist’s grace, Jordan long ago transcended the sport to become one of the 20th century’s global icons, as well as transgressing racial boundaries and becoming a catalyst in our ingoing racial healing. Michael Jordan represents the high mark on the evolutionary chart of basketball greatness. He was able to evolve not only basketball, but also people’s mindsets of African-Americans.