Mfee Screw Machinery Products

Provides a business plan for Mfee Screw Machinery Products to grow into a leading supplier of quality, precision screw products.

This paper is a business plan for Mfee Screw Machinery Products. Its objective is to present a plan that will enable Mfee to enhance its share of the market for precision screw products. The paper includes a vision and a mission statement, a marketing analysis and plan, a financial plan, and an overview of the company. Also covered are the management structure of the company, information on company products, and company research and development. The paper makes ample use of graphs and charts and financial data.

1.0 Executive Summary
1.1 Vision and Mission
1.2 Company
1.3 Product Strategy
1.4 Market Analysis
1.5 Marketing Plan
1.6 Financial Plan
2.0 Vision and Mission
3.0 Company Overview
3.1 Legal Business Description
3.2 Management Team
4.0 Product Strategy
4.1 Products
4.2 Production Equipment
4.3 Research and Development
4.4 Production and Delivery
4.5 Production Site
5.0 Market Analysis
5.1 Industry Analysis
5.2 Customer Profile
5.3 Competition
6.0 Marketing Strategy
6.1 Key Elements of MSMP?s Marketing Strategy
6.2 Product
6.3 Promotion
6.4 Price
6.5 Distribution
6.6 Operations Strategy
7.0 Financial Plan
7.1 Key assumptions
7.2 Key Financial Indicators
7.3 Break Even Analysis
7.4 Projected Profit and Loss
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“Mfee Screw Machinery Products is dedicated to providing screw machinery products that combine quality performance with value pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our customers, our employees, and our suppliers that is based on respect for the interests and goals of each party.”