Mexican-Aztec God Quetzalcoatl

This paper discusses the ancient Mexican-Aztec God, Quetzalcoatl: Origins, myths and description.

The purpose of this research is to examine the ancient Mexican-Aztec God Quetzalcoatl. This deity, originally that of the Toltecs, played a significant role in the rise and fall of the Aztecs, a process which actually required only a few centuries.

A few hundred year before the arrival of Cortes, the Aztecs wandered into the Valley of Mexico, and, in a series of extraordinary brutal wars, conquered the other tribes living there. It is reported that the Aztecs, who in comparison to the people they conquered were no better tan barbarians, had a capacity for learning much from those they conquered. From the more warlike tribes they acquired knowledge of warfare. their more cultivated habits derived from the example of:

. . . the Toltecs, the civilized people whose symbol was..