Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt

An overview of the environment and development of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

This paper describes early life in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia and how the environment developed. The writer explains the significance of agriculture in bringing the people to live together in villages and sustain themselves from farming near the rivers and waterways. The paper includes details of recent archaeological discoveries in the area that support the claims.
“Since the early years of archeological studies, it was thought that these developments occurred concurrently, meaning that they were devised and utilized at approximately the same time; however, recent archeological research has forced this view to change, for it is now clear that “Mesopotamia and its environs were far ahead of Egypt, at least temporarily, some five thousand years ago” (Snell, 178). Numerous village/farming communities in present-day Iraq date back to the mid seventh millennium B.C.E., and the remarkable fortified town of Jericho appears to be even older. In Egypt, the oldest settlements, located near the delta of the Nile River, do not seem to have been founded much before 4500 B.C.E., and furthermore, an urban society like those found in Mesopotamia seems to have never developed there.”