Marketing Plan for a Drive-In Theater

A marketing plan for a drive in theater, which takes into consideration current trends in entertainment, consumer preferences, community values, special events and nostalgia.

This research paper presents a marketing plan for a drive-in theater. Included is background on the types of entertainment, comparisons of negatives and positives in a SWOT-style analysis, proposals of special promotions and events and alternate sources of revenue to maximize income from the facility. The paper also contains suggestions of a percentage budget for a marketing dollar allocation.
“Situation Analysis ” The people attending drive-ins today are the same ones who went as kids in the ’50s and ’60s and eventually their kids will go too. It’s an entertaining, inexpensive, wholesome night for the family.Our business has only recently gone from being stable to a growth mode. We have found that the Disney animated hit The Lion King in 1994 and King Kong did especially well outdoors and helped create a new generation of drive-in theater fans.

We are on track and on trend for current consumer and advertising mood. A major issue facing marketers and advertisers since the September 11 terrorist attacks is what do they sell and how do they sell it in a changed world. Advertising and marketing are happening in relation to a major public event, the War on Terror, the All Anthrax All the Time news networks, a recession, and the largest increase in unemployment in five years.