Marketing Management

Looks at the concept of marketing and the different types of marketing strategies.

This paper looks at how critical successful marketing is to the survival of a company and that company’s product and then describes different marketing concepts and strategies. The paper also looks at the company called eBay and cites it as an example of a business with a successful marketing strategy. Finally, this paper looks at the ways in which marketing strategies have changed over time.

Concepts of Marketing
Segmentation in Marketing
The Development of Marketing Strategy
Marketing Mix Decision Making
A Great Marketing Company of Today
In the highly competitive world of today, all organizations understand the implications of using the concept of marketing to improve the situation for their products or services in the market. In the classical definitions of management where it is viewed as a system, the function of marketing is the one that brings back resources to the organization from the society in which the organization functions. Production is the function which converts the resources for products or services and in a way this completes the cycle for the organization and thus earns the organization its profits. Next is the question of concepts of marketing. It is said that some organizations give a lot of emphasis and importance to the function of marketing and these organizations are said to be progressive and marketing oriented as opposed to others which are said to be production oriented.