Marketing Defined

Discusses the author’s definition of marketing, with particular reference to 7-Eleven.

Marketing provides the exchange of currency for goods, which is the major component in every economy. This paper discuss the author’s personal definition of marketing and examines how 7-Eleven uses marketing to extend the growth of its business.
“7-Eleven is the number one convenience chain in the world. It has achieved this status by using a marketing philosophy of ?first, best, only.? This philosophy is based on the concept of being the first “marketer” of a new product to the customer. 7-Eleven strives to provide new products to the customer before any other company. It was the first to market beverage fridge packs. This item, which is a product that packages soda or beer into a “fridge size” unit, was designed exclusively for 7-Eleven through efforts from merchandising and 7-Eleven’s suppliers.”