Man and His Society

A look into the minds of great philosophers and their influence on society through history and literature.

This paper examines how from Plato to More, from Swift to Marx and from Moses to Christ, many philosophers have proposed societies that would only permit peace and happiness. It gives a brief overview of the doctrines of many famous philosophers, leaders and authors throughout history and discusses how although many of these societies have been attempted and failed, they remain pure in intent and perfect in the form of their concepts. It concludes with the one philosophy agreed on by all, that good is always better than evil. The paper also includes photographs.
“As humans, we find it necessary to form governments to rule over us and keep domestic and international tranquility. Because we cannot all do this ourselves, we elect a way to have others do it for us, or others elect if for us. The design of the institution, which we assign, or which others assign, differs from place to place. History and literature show attempts and failures for idealistic governments and societies; which failures only occur because of human fault, thus requiring a higher standard of humanity and progression to become a higher being to achieve the utopian society which is wanted universally.”