Machines as Our Saviors

Argues that the machines in the “Matrix Trilogy” are right in fighting and extinguishing the human race.

The paper argues that “The Matrix” trilogy presents us with a great many ideas, but none more false than the idea that mankind in the movie should be fighting the machines. If anything, humanity has proven itself to be infantile and undeserving of continuation. This paper examines the justifications for Man’s battle with Machine and the reasons that Man should be grateful he is alive at all.
The fact is that Humanity in the series is attempting to break free of a future that they have doomed themselves to, they have introduced violence to try and break free and this makes it next to impossible for the machines to truly broker any kind of peace. So instead of offering a peace to the humans, the machines must do something else. Remove Humanity from the problem, and do what’s good for them deposit them in a place where they will always be able to obtain happiness without worrying about anything else.