Lovelace compared to Lawrence

Comparison of nature representation in Richard Lovelace’s The Grasshopper & D.H Lawrence’s “Snake”

This paper shows that the messages brought across through these poems are slightly different. “The Grasshopper” deals with the temporality of life , whereas the “Snake” deals with the opinions of society and “the other way of life” . The writer shows that both these poems took extensive use of nature and what it represents. These poems thrive on the symbolism that an animal is given, they thrive on the imagery created by describing nature. It examines how both Lawrence and Lovelace needed these settings and animals to create their poem; they both needed the various symbolisms that can be given to the different aspects of nature.
“Sometimes people wonder about nature in this era filled with gadgets and computer technology. It appears to some that the civilized world has taken a far too big distance from nature and the animal kingdom. But according to others nature is still close to us, even though society has created this noticeable detachment. Two poems from different eras both speak about nature and show us both its beauty and its instability at the same time. This essay will compare Richard Lovelace’s The Grasshopper to D.H. Lawrence’s Snake , focusing mainly on the representation of nature within the poems.”