Light Speed Society

Examining the theories of Social Determinism and Technological Determinism as they relate to the internet.

This paper explores what the introduction of the internet can tell us about the relationship between the development of technology and society as a function of one another, in essence. It explores the Internet as a form of social technology and sees how it relates to all levels of society.
“Much like the old cliche about which came first, the chicken or the egg, there are two main theories about whether society is a result of technology or whether technology is the result of society. These two theories are known as Social Determinism and Technological Determinism. Both theories believe that one determines and shapes the other. The only question is which one is dependent upon the other and which one stands alone. These ideas are two extremes, but there are many that adhere to shades of these theories and do not believe that one or the other is absolute. Most theorists do not place much scientific value on them as a determining factor of society and technological advances. These theorists believe that the idea that one is completely dependent upon the other is too simplistic to be valid.”