Leni Riefenstahl

A discussion of Leni Riefenstahl, her unethical art and the catastrophic consequences.

This paper presents an examination of Leni Riefenstah,l a film actor/director during Hitler’s reign of Nazi Germany. It examines how
Leni worshiped many of Hitler’s beliefs and used her art ability and clout in unethical manners to promote him as a humanistic in the form of Nazi propaganda. In her movies she portrayed Hitler as a brilliant political strategist who would only improve the world as the world bought into his ideas and beliefs. It attempts to understand how Leni’s films helped to shape the war and the horror that many suffered from and how, had she not used her art in unethical ways then history may have been altered to have an outcome which did not include the horror that six million Jews suffered.
Understanding the ways that Leni’s films influenced the world is important so that history does not repeat itself. There are several things that can be done to insure this does not repeat. One of the most important things the viewers need to remember is that the media presents a biased view regardless of how hard it tries not to. Each piece is put together by human beings and it is approved by other human beings and if they believe it to be a good piece it is generally because the piece dovetails with their interests and beliefs.