Legalized Abortion

A pro legalized abortion debate.

This paper puts forward the argument for legalized abortion. It discusses how all women of all races and classes should have the freedom to control their own reproductive lives. It describes how abortion is only an option for the wealthy who can afford to do it properly but when legal termination of pregnancy is prohibited, it is women who live in poverty who suffer such as lower class females from Black, Hispanic, and Native American ethnic groups, as well as whites below the poverty level. Every day mothers have babies who are unwilling or unable mentally, physically, or emotionally to take care of them. It also examines how poor women and women of color and are much more likely to suffer deaths or injuries from illegal and botched abortions in back-alley clinics.
“In the latter part of the twentieth century began to think of themselves as not identified totally with biology and relegated to a life of nothing more than marriage and childbearing, but as having the right to develop their own potential as males had always done. In agreement with the feminists, I believe that women, like men, should have the right to sexual freedom, independence, and control over their own bodies.
Among the many pro-choice arguments with which I agree are that abortion must be kept legal, especially for all the rape and incest pregnancies and that abortion is often a form of preventive medicine which may preserve the life of a woman whose health might be jeopardized by a completed pregnancy. Both these arguments support a woman’s right to control her own life and health as opposed to emotional anti-choice arguments that describe abortion as foetus murder.”