Learning to Love the Right Way

Why the Florida ban on gay adoption should be overturned.

This paper discusses the issue that in Florida, it is illegal for gays and lesbians to adopt children. The paper shows the negative sides of this law, stating that it is discriminatory and that the quality of parenting should not only be judged on one’s sexual orientation. An argumentative paper against this law.
Families are everywhere and vary from place to place. Some families have only one mom, some only one dad. Some families have no moms or dads, just grandmas or grandpas. This is a story about a family with two loving parents and their five children. Both parents are registered nurses, and make a good living. This Florida family has children ages 14, 14, 10, 8, and 5. Something that makes this family noteworthy is that the three oldest children were placed with the couple at birth none of them are biologically related, but the home they share now is the only home they’ve ever known. Another noteworthy item about this familial unit is that all of the children were HIV positive at birth, but due to the care and medical knowledge of their father, Steven Lofton (who decided to be a stay at home dad in order to take better care of his kids), one child (Bert) is now no longer HIV positive (LetHimStay). So this is just a story about a family, right? Yeah, they have some interesting quirks, but what makes them a good example for an argumentative paper? The final noteworthy quality about this family is that the two loving parents the two successful, registered nurses are both men. Steven Lofton and Roger Croteau are a gay couple trying to raise a family and adopt their foster kids, but who are facing some serious obstacles along the way.