Leadership Development

This paper discusses the building of leadership training programs in business organizations.

The paper explains that motivating and gaining the employee’s trust is an important aspect of good management. The author points out that understanding Maslow’s hierarchy of needs in different cultures is important because, after the basic needs, the manner and style of displaying fulfillment in the higher needs may be different. The paper relates that when individuals know and understand both their strengths and their weakness their effectiveness as leaders is greater.

Table of Content
Executive Summary
Creating of the Leadership Development Program
The Selection Process
Understanding Leadership Models and Traits
“Many of the U.S. businesses are increasingly going overseas in an effort to be more cost effective and generate more profits for the organization. While many of the corporate cultures and norms that made the company successful may be acceptable and even lauded in the U.S., they may be totally inappropriate for the rest of the world. In the past, American companies were often held up as models of efficiency and functionality. In recent times however, the attitudes and behavior of many leaders and managers within the multinational corporations (MNC) have created a backlash of resistance by many of the overseas-workers. Trust is difficult to build. It takes a long time. It can be lost in an instant due to a single bad decision or insensitive attitude by the managers or leaders. Cultural values are very diversified and complex.