Last month

Last month, I have bought an anti-theft backpack for my personal use. That backpack costs is RM105. The price is one of the main factors as it can be highly persuasive. This backpack is function able because we can avoid thieves who want to steal stuff from our bag. We can use this bag wherever we are. I think the backpack is great product because it has the anti-theft features. The bag comes with anti-cut which means that the material used is absolutely good for our properties safety. Its also has a hidden zip.
Next, there are 4 colours that available which is black, grey, red and blue. The colour of the bag make it look more elegant and expensive even though the price is cheap. The colours are unisex and suits to the all gender. Since I am a careless person so I bought the black colour to avoid from dirt. For the bag dimensions, it has height of 43cm, width of 11 cm and length of 26 cm. Most of people targeted to this product for young people, career people, and people who do sports. This is because this backpack is suitable for students, travelling, meeting, camping and etc.
This product is good because it has the perfect interior space, which I can put lots of stuff. Other than one large packing compartment, there are also has laptop compartment and pockets for phone and pens. It is convenient for me as a student. There are many good things which are the features with integrated USB charging port, water repellent fabric, illuminating safety strips and luggage strap. This multifunctional backpack is a really satisfied product.
Last but not least, I suggest for improvement that the company of this backpack will make more colour of the bag to make everyone satisfied and can be more stylish. So, I would like to recommend to buy this product. The rate that I give is 9/10 because it is a great product and pretty useful.