Labor Laws in Russia

The following paper examines research that reveals what steps should be taken to enforce the existing labor laws to protect employees in Russia and to support the restructuring efforts through secure employment.

This paper discusses the current labor laws in Russia, subject to free market forces, changes in the way business is done and illegal agreements within the context of pressure from the World Bank for lasting economic reform.
“The reform of Russia’s labor legislation has become a pressing issue for international agencies over the last few years. An important consideration for the Russians is that the World Bank has attached high priority to radical changes in the law as one of the conditions of its Social Protection Adjustment Loan.It is reported that employers in the private sector constantly violate existing labor legislation to achieve a more flexible and self-determinate situation, leading to a conclusion that job security for workers can only be obtained by moving away from labor contracts and binding collective agreements to more free market considerations and little or no labor legislation (Standing, 1996).”