Kobe Bryant’s New Image

Study of Kobe Bryant’s transformation from an athlete to a believer of God and a responsible, good man.

Utilizing theories for and against symbolic interactionism, this paper looks at the similarities and differences in which Bryant’s experience has altered his image, not only as a basketball player, but also mainly as an individual interacting with his society.
After cases of sexual assault and molestation had been charged against Bryant, he had undergone transforming his image to a more positive one. Mainly a man who is athletic and preoccupied with his sport and profession, Bryant gradually became family-and God-centered, focusing his time with his family apart from playing professional basketball. To illustrate his conversion to being a good man, Bryant had his wife and daughters’ names, an angel halo and Psalm’s Scripture 27 tattooed on both his arms. Furthermore, he bought his wife a $4 million diamond ring and has become a staunch believer, even messenger, of God’s good news, since his teammates claim that Bryant often talks about God.