Key Issues in Encryption Technology

Analyzing the history of encryption technology used to protect data being transferred on the internet.

This paper looks at how vital this form of technology is. It discusses the spread of the use of internet for doing day-to-day transactions such as bill paying and purchases – and how this has created the need for the protection of sensitive data from being misused. The paper examines the history of encryption technology and how it developed into the level it is today. The issue of the need for privacy in the cyberworld is also discussed.
“The Internet has made the transfer of data easy and has become an everyday part of our lives. Many of us could not even imagine our lives without the Internet, let alone, the computer. Computers allow us to store and transmit data with ease. Data storage takes up much less space than a filing cabinet and data can be transmitted almost instantaneously using the Internet. The ease and speed of data transfer has led to the development of faster and bigger systems to handle larger and larger amounts of data. Some of this data is private and contains information that is only to be read by certain individuals. Now we transmit critical information such as credit card and banking information over the Internet on a daily basis. So how do we protect that information from prying, but unauthorized eyes’ Encryption is one technique used to protect the data.”