Kangaroos and their Behavioral Patterns

A scientific report on kangaroos and their behavioral patterns.

This paper outlines all factors attributing to behavioral patterns of kangaroos. The paper discusses a study which aims to observe a variety of types of innate and learned behavior in animals and explain the probable survival value of the behavior for the animal and its species. From environmental factors to captivity issues, this report specifies every possible factor attributing to the Kangaroo’s behavior. An appendix of 14 pictures taken of my observations is included.
The behaviors observed in the enclosure had little effect on the Kangaroos survival the one exception would be Parental Behavior, where the Mother Kangaroos protection is essential for the Joeys survival. The enclosure is protected from any predators, and the Kangaroos are provided for all their food, water, and resting areas that they require. Apart from the Emus, Pigeons, Wallabies and Humans, the Kangaroos did not have to protect their territory from any predator species. This reduces the territorial and dominant behaviors that in the wild would have been displayed.