Juvenile Delinquency

A look at the factors contributing to the rise in juvenile delinquency and potential solutions.

This paper examines the rise of juvenile delinquency, including the factors responsible for the high rise in crime, and suggests steps by which it can be curbed. It discusses how juvenile crime is a major problem for people nowadays, how young children have resorted to acts of brutality and violence, and even acts of rape, assault, robbery, and homicide. It shows how the rates of juvenile crime have been fluctuating throughout the years and how the U.S. government has not done much to counter this problem.

What is Juvenile Delinquency
Juvenile Crime
Reasons for Juvenile Crime
Family Life
Poverty Line, Discrimination, Lack of Opportunities
Media Factor
Drug Use
“Drug usage and substance abuse are one of the strongest factors contributing to juvenile violence. Juvenile delinquents get hooked to drugs or alcohol from an early age. These drugs are easily available to them at their hangout places. Drug usage among delinquents had taken a sharp decline in the earlier years but now the usage has increased drastically. Drug use affects the person as it ruins his/her perception. It enables the person to resort to things they haven’t done before. Due to dependence on drugs a lot of juveniles commit crimes as they need a constant flow of cash to support their habit. This can propel into a very dangerous situation as it can lead to violent crimes such as murders or armed robbery.”