Just in Time See if you can form a mental picture of the United States in the early 1800s

Just in Time See if you can form a mental picture of the United States in the early 1800s. What do you see How could you translate your vision into a time line that shows how the United States evolved during this period (50 points) ScoreCreate a historical picture of the United States from 1800 to 1825 by developing a time line of 10 important events. You will be capturing a 25-year period in what amounts to a snapshot. What will you include and what will you leave out Word your time line information in the way that makes the most sense to you. Answer Paste your time line here. Your Score___ of 501800 – June. The U. S. capital is moved from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C.1801 – February 11. The electors votes for president are officially opened and counted in Congress, which already knows that the vote is tied between Jefferson and Aaron Burr. T- New York passes Emancipation Act1803 – Louisiana Purchase January 18. Jefferson asks Congress for funds for an expedition to explore the Mississippi River and beyond in search of a route to the Pacific.1804 – November. Jefferson is re-elected president.1806 – BURR CONSPIRACY – September-October – Jefferson receives further information that Aaron Burr is organizing a military expedition against Spanish possessions for separating western territories from the United States.1807 – June 22. The British warship Leopard attacks the American ship Chesapeake off the Virginia coast because its captain refused to allow the British to board and search for deserters. Three American seamen are killed and eighteen wounded as the British force a boarding and remove four alleged deserters. After learning of the attack on June 25, Jefferson calls an emergency cabinet meeting.1808 November – James Madison is elected President 1812 – War of 1812 with Britain1814 – British burn Capitol building in Washington1818 – Georgia prohibits Manumission1820 – Missouri Compromise, admitting Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a free state.1821 – New York gives free Blacks the right to vote1824 – In disputed election, John Quincy Adams (John Adams son) is elected President, defeating populist Andrew Jackson. Graded Assignment HST303A/304A U.S. History Unit 3 Lesson 12 Eventful Times 2008 K12 Inc. All rights reserved. Page PAGE 1 of NUMPAGES 1 Copying or distributing without K12s written consent is prohibited. cEw–WeTFXeXncEvAJvbR6DQY/T Oi Y, I-iii3JPO-fWZO0,_p7
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