Japanese Keiretsu System

A look at Japanese social developments with emphasis on economical aspects.

This is a paper about Japan’s social developments. The author examines Japan’s developments in military, educational and economical aspects with focus on the Japanese system of economic development.
“There is a time that every country must decide on its future function, whether to focus on defense, social justice, education, economy or others. Japan is no different. In the past fifty years, Japanese government has set economic development as its top priority, and the result is evident from 1960s through 1980s. This Japanese system of economic development is unique. This distinctive model has two main components: first, the keiretsu, industrial groupings, which provides the economic growth, and second, the government which one, paves the direction of economic development with financial assistance and two, plays the role of Gatekeeper. These two groups work together to bring unprecedented economic growth.”