James Madison’s Federalist 10 Paper

Paper discussing James Madison’s `Federalist 10 Paper`, and the discrepancies found therein.

This paper discusses James Madison’s Federalist 10 Paper and its effects on American government. Distinctions are made between the concepts of republicanism and democracy, and what they implied for the creation of an American legislative system. The author finds discrepancies between what is implied and what is stated in this Madison work.
In James Madison’s essay, the Federalist 10 paper, Madison articulates his hesitations about popular rule, or more accurately, pure democracy, and the pernicious faction that might result from it. To obviate the destructive forces of faction that are implicit in pure democracy, he offers instead a republican form of government. In this arguably elitist document, Madison cites the two methods of curing the mischiefs of faction, by either removing its causes or controlling its effects.