Jackie Robinson

Examines the career of this African-American, major league baseball player and issues of civil rights during his time.

Jackie Robinson became the first black person to enter major league baseball in 1947 when he became a Brooklyn Dodger. This paper discusses Robinson’s effect on major league baseball. The discussion covers the league before, during, and after his playing time. The essay also focuses on the effects that entering the league had on him and his life before, during, and after his playing time in the majors.
During the time that Robinson played in the league he was the target of racial slurs and threats against his life. (Prince 1997) Historians have asserted that his teammates always presented a united front in public, although there was a great deal of racial tension behind the scenes. (Prince 1997) During the time that Robinson was in the leagues there were also other blacks added to the rosters of other major league teams. (Prince 1997)