Irish Immigration Reform

A review of the history of Irish immigration during the 20th Century.

This paper deals with the history of 20th century Irish immigration. The author focuses mainly around the third round of Irish Immigration into the United States, the wave directly after the potato famine. The author focuses on how the Irish immigrants fought and overcame the prejudices that they dealt with.
“The Irish came to America in waves of three. The third was the most successful for the new immigrants. It was after the potato famine, in the beginning of the Progressive Era. However, the two waves leading up to this were what paved the way for the immigrants. The first and second waves were caused by periodic crop failure. Not only was farming potatoes their jobs, it was also the only food they had to eat. Rent on their properties began to rise and without being able to farm, the Irish had no way to pay off the rent. Even the women that had jobs lost them due to the failing linen industry. The Irish faced many economic as well as political issues.”