Iran and the Media

Discusses the media history of Iran, including censorship and manipulation.

This paper explores Iran and how its government under the Shah and Islamic Republic censored and manipulated its media. It also looks at how Iran’s people are finding loopholes to access the media in the West. The paper shows how it is knowledge people of Iran want, much as their conservative clergy would want otherwise.
Ever since the sixth century the people of the Middle East have been lovers of knowledge. It was the invading Muslims during the European dark ages who rescued our Western Civilization legacy in the form of retrieving documents from moldy alcoves and translating them from Greek into Arabic. Because of this Islamic love of knowledge, we still have Plato, Sophocles, Aristotle, and many other books that the Christians were letting rot because they saw no reason to save this worldly knowledge if everything worthy came from God and the Church.
So the one of the glories of the early Islamic Empire was that they retrieved this information translated it, codified it and used it to educate themselves. One particular example of that was Persia. They were converted to Islam by the Arabs in the 7th century but soon After Persian political and cultural autonomy was reasserted in the 9th century, the artisan sciences flourished for several centuries (World).”