Introduction, hook: AI is taking over our daily lives
Detail1: AI is a result of internet developments and improvements, set to provide an easier lifestyle and a way to reduce difficulties in getting certain info
Detail2: the author in is google making us stupid states a variety of arguments that declare that the internet and google are not only changing the way we look for certain sources but the way we process and analyze them as well.
Detail 3: He uses Socrates and the example of taylor to provide evidence to this problematic advancement, states that he has difficulty in concentration due to the extensive amount of information we are exposed with and that in contrast of older times we just scratch the top of the iceberg.
Argument: I agree with certain aspects of the article, the internet has surely deranged the way we retain and search for information, but it is not necessarily making us more stupid nor it is an innovation that pulls human cerebral potential back.

The author emphasizes the fall of our cognitive advancement and uses a pretentious tone towards the emergence .of the internet while in fact

I believe society is to blame, not only have humans designed new innovations throughout time but have changed the way they approach such.

not solo tenemos nuevas innovaciones a lo largo del tiempo pero tambien vamos cambiando as a whole. It is no longer in our interest to source stuff and like find stuff but to gain as much information as we can, and this is possible through the merge of texts such as the ones the narrator mentioned to skim over. People now focus in staying up to date and following trends. People nowadays live in a nonstop environment were stopping and taking our time to ponder about certain arguments is not prioritized. Society constantly keeps changing