Interracial Relationships

A discussion of the pros and cons of interracial relationships.

This paper debates whether interracial relationships and, ultimately, marriages, erode cultural traditions and whether they cause a breakdown in racial solidarity. It looks at how interracial dating and marrying continues to increase as more and more individuals of once homogeneous communities are turning to an integrated way of life and accepting the idea that it is inside what counts. It also explores the reasons why family and friends tend to oppose interracial dating and discusses whether an interracial home life is harmful to a child.
“Keeping black men and white women apart was the main purpose of Jim Crow. Gunnar Myrdal’s landmark 1944 study found that Southern whites generally grasped that keeping blacks down also retarded their own economic progress, but whites felt that was the price they had to pay to make black men less attractive to white women. To the extent that white racism persists, it should limit the proportion of black-man/white-woman couples. Since these inequalities in interracial marriage are so contrary to conventional expectations, what causes them? The mass media has preferred to ignore husband – wife disproportions entirely.”